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Logo gallery

by micah on 2003-02-10
Joshua Gooden
This is a set of several possible PicoGUI logos contributed by Joshua Gooden.
by micah on 2003-02-13
First logo
This is the first logo I designed. It is an attempt to symbolize PicoGUI's layout engine, but that didn't really work. Since PicoGUI's goals have changed so much since this logo was designed, and it is pretty ugly, it's only here for historical purposes :)
by micah on 2003-02-13
Second logo
This is the second logo I designed, and it has been on the front of for a while. The reasoning behind it? There isn't really much of a reason for it other than it looks cool.
by micah on 2003-02-13
2.x circles logo
This is a proposed logo for the PicoGUI 2.x architecture. It symbolizes a collective of heterogenous modules, surrounding a core so simple it isn't shown, forming a coherent user experience represented by the outer circle. (Or at least that's what I'd say about it if I were an art critic ;)

This logo was drawn using Sodipodi in SVG format. The Gimp was used to create the shadow/halo version at the top of the page - it uses alpha transparency to show a drop shadow on light backgrounds and/or a white halo on dark backgrounds.

by micah on 2003-02-10
Dave Soper (bw)
This is a black&white version of the logo contributed by Dave Soper.
by micah on 2003-02-10
Dave Soper
This is a logo contributed by Dave Soper.
by micah on 2003-02-13
Cube-thing logo
I'm not really sure what inspired me to draw this one, but it's been used in a few places including the canvastiles demo and jetstream. Also available in Gimp XCF format.