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by micah on 2001-08-14 00:00:00

Quoting from README.skins:
 PicoGUI's SDL driver supports 'skins', configurations that make PicoGUI appear and act as if it is running on a handheld computer or other embedded system. To use skins, you must have skin support for the sdlfb driver compiled in. Also, because the supplied skins use JPEG bitmaps you must have the JPEG loader compiled in. All the *.conf files in the 'skin' directory are skin configuration files. To try the Agenda VR3 skin, for example: pgserver -nc skin/vr3.conf Skins simulate the LCD's color constraints, and allow you to test some features that would otherwise be untestable on a desktop PC: the backlight, silkscreen area, and hardware buttons available on many handhelds.