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by micah on 2001-09-12 00:00:00

Life has been awfully strange recently. I haven't posted much news recently, mainly because I've just started college, but also because I've been forgetful. Yesterday's attack is the kind of event that should make us all question life, our government, and human nature. It's hard to know how to react-- I know that when I first heard of it at about 8:00 MST yesterday, I couldn't comprehend the scale of things. The internet news sites were mostly slow or crashed, and there was no TV nearby. When I found a TV, I saw the video, the president's address, the interviews, and realized it must be real, and it must be on such a large scale that it can't be comprehended immediately. I've never been to New York, but I have a very good friend who just started class at Columbia University there. He's alright, but he lives less than 10 miles from the world trade center.