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by micah on 2002-02-24 00:00:00

PicoGUI works on the Zaurus now, as featured in the screenshot archive. I'd like to make ipk packages and/or integrate PicoGUI into OpenZaurus' buildroot, but for now here's a way to try out PicoGUI on your zaurus. Note that while this may work on Sharp's official ROM, i've only tested it on OpenZaurus beta 2.6.
  • Download pgui-arm-20020224.tar.gz to your Zaurus
  • Untar it into the root directory. It will create some config files in /etc, a pgserver binary in /usr/bin, themes in /usr/local/themes, and applications in /usr/local/apps.
  • Exit Opie/Qtopia on your Zaurus
  • From the linux framebuffer console on the Zaurus, run "pgserver"
That's it. You should be greeted with a touchscreen calibrator, then a nice background with the PGL launcher toolbar. Some of the cool things about this mini-distro:
  • Everything's double-buffered
  • The touchscreen filtering rocks!
  • Small and fast
  • Includes lots of small apps
And the known bugs or other bad things:
  • You can't really do anything useful with it
  • There's a bug that causes picogui to give an "unknown error" on startup, but I haven't been able to reproduce it
  • The textbox widget is broke right now, so Atomic Navigator doesn't work and almost all the message dialog boxes are messed up
  • Some dialog boxes will redraw the drop shadow multiple times
  • Probably many more...
And because file likes screenshots...