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by micah on 2002-11-15 00:00:00

Fun with tabs and XML

Hi Everybody, Just a few things that have happened recently:
  • cli_python now has a module for compiling XML widget templates (XWTs) into binary widget templates. This makes it easy to edit widget templates in XML, then either use them directly, or precompile them and use the compiled temlpates.
  • I've started on a graphical XWT editor, Widget Foundry
  • pgserver has a new "tabpage" widget. This can be used to extremely easily add tabbed notebooks to applications. The tab pages automatically stick together.
    Here is a simple XWT example of using the tab page:
     <application text="Tabs"> 
         <tabpage text="Doodads"> 
             <label font=":30" side="all"> Page 1 </label> 
         <tabpage text="Widgets" font=":0:bold"> 
             <label font=":30" side="all"> Page 2 </label> 
    The tab widget is fully themeable, although so far the only theme to implement the new theme objects is PicoAqua. In all unmodified themes, the tabs will appear like buttons in a toolbar.
    Some screenshots:
  • I've been pondering a small rewrite of pgserver's rendering engine, that would both vastly improve rendering efficiency and allow true translucency and overlapping. The idea is still a work in progress: