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by micah on 2003-02-13 02:29:10

The new goes live!

The new Plone-based web site becomes ""

Thanks to lalo and DevGirl 's hard work, the new site has all the most important content from the old site. The rest should be linked to from here. If there's anything we missed, let us know, but you can use to reach the original site if necessary.

Known bugs:

  • The formatting needs a little tweaking still
  • The Wiki has very little content in it so far, but it does contain a link to the old wiki. We'll be gradually moving things over to the new one, as we did with the original OldWiki migration.
  • All the news items and screenshots have been automatically imported from the old site, but some have formatting problems.
  • If you find something wrong that's not included here, please let us know either by email , in IRC , or by posting a comment to this news item.

New Layout

The new site might have come as a bit of a shock to you- new layout, new colors, new logo. All of the PicoGUI logos are still accessable , though everyone we've talked to likes the new one. If you liked the original color scheme better, you can log in and use your preferences page to change the site's look.


Discussion icon Web site outages

Posted by: micah at 2003-02-18 was down for a couple days this week- The screenshot and logo sections were putting too much CPU and bandwidth load on the server, so they have been temporarily disabled. You can still reach most of the screenshots on the old site. We're working to fix the problem and get everything fully operational again.