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by lalo on 2003-03-05 18:53:38

Halfway back...

As you can see, I fixed the links box. However, the screenshots gallery will take another few days. Oh, and I also enabled i18n for some languages, so if your browser is set for it you should be seeing most of the UI translated.

The screenshots gallery depends on either Zettai installing some software for us (CMFPhoto from the Plone Collective in case you care), or we finding another way to handle our thumbnails - so it will take another few days. In the meantime, I linked the "screenshots" thingie at the top of the site to the old site. You can't post your own shots, but you can browse the old ones.

I also enabled UI i18n via Localizer. Installed languages are Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Portuguese, French, German and Italian. Others should follow later.