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by lalo on 2003-03-07 22:28:08

now fully back

And now, the lark! I mean, the screenshots and logos. The site is now oficially fixed and open for business.

This is starting to sound boring, but I'd like to thank Zettai again for this service and their promptness to install the updated CMFPhoto once we asked :-)

Let me remind you once again, now anyone can post screenshots. Just go to your personal area (click the "my folder" link that appears once you're logged in), then go to the contents view and add an object of type Screenshot. Once you're satisfied with it, click on its "state" tab and use the "submit" action to put it on a queue where the site demigods will look at it and either publish it, or tell you how much it sucks ;-)

(Oh, and you obviously can also post news items, documents and links.)