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by lalo on 2003-03-20 05:30:02

What the developers are doing

We now have a wikipage with the list of things each PicoGUI developer is currently doing. If you want to know of recent developments, see the body of this news item.

In the past week I split the old WRITETO request in two: WRITECMD and WRITEDATA. This may not sound like a very important thing, but WRITECMD is a step to make the communication between client and widget more object-oriented; not yet 2.0, but a progress :-)

The canvas widget was already able to receive commands (via 'WRITETO'; after this change, it uses WRITECMD instead); now I gave this ability to the textbox too, which is one of the items in the 1.0 TODO list and is being used by my testbed application, the "nifty" python-based text editor (in cvs: apps/nifty).

In the next few days I plan to dedicate my PicoGUI time to the textbox (and nifty), while Micah says he wants to put some work on the terminal.