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by micah on 2003-03-21 09:20:25

Ask not what PicoGUI can do for you...

Lots of free time and a love for PicoGUI, but don't know where to start? (Hey, I can dream...) Read on for ways you can help the PicoGUI project.
Update widget properties documentation, better installation guide
Web site maintenance
Keeping the wiki and links up to date for example
Some major apps like a fully working terminal and web browser await server-side fixes, but a PIM, games, and many other apps are just waiting to be written
Server coding
Want to implement a new widget, get PicoGUI running on a new platform, or fix some bugs?
Client libraries
PicoGUI has several client libraries that aren't usable yet, and it could use some new ones- for example, C++
Got ideas for PicoGUI 2.0? Get on the mailing list or the IRC channel and tell us
If your company is using PicoGUI and needs some help developing client-side code or extending/fixing the server, you can hire Micah as a consultant
PicoGUI will never be ready for the desktop without good accelerated video support. The optimum way to obtain this would be to use the 2D drivers from XFree86. Unfortunately, the XFree86 project's culture tends to resist projects like PicoGUI. Show your support for alternative GUIs, and maybe we'll have a way to use X's drivers without using X.