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by micah on 2003-05-03 01:49:39

Subversion repository online

I'm happy to report that the Subversion repository is now working. I'm currently hosting it on my own server, navi, to make administration easier and give myself more hard disk space to work with. Currently navi has a nice university connection, but next Thursday I'll be moving out of the dorms and it will be stuck behind a cable modem. Hopefully I can move the repository over to then.

There are links to the repository itself and to the ViewCVS interface on navi's main page:

I'm currently in the process of restructuring the repository. It's not done yet, but feel free to browse around to get a feel for how the 0.46 release will look.

The problem I was having with subversion turned out to be a bug triggered by some oddly named files in pgmerlin. Remote checkouts still aren't much faster than CVS on sourceforge was, but manipulating the working copy and committing changes should be much faster.

While I was trying to get subversion to cooperate, I did set up an arch repository and start trying to migrate code into it. However, I ran into an organizational problem that would make using an arch repository with the new build system very inconvenient. In the new build system, I want to be able to check out any piece of the repository on demand. This means being able to check out a single application, all the applications, or the entire project. This could be accomplished using subversion's meta-projects, but it would be terribly messy. Subversion's design means that any directory in the repository can act like a repository in itself.

Now that I'm sure subversion will work for us and I have an active repository, I'll start granting write access to other developers. The security is handled via HTTP basic authentication. I'd suggest using the htpasswd utility that comes with apache to encrypt and format your username/password correctly, then emailing the resulting file to me. To avoid sending passwords over plaintext during commits, navi also has an https server on port 8443. (You'll need a copy of subversion configured with --with-ssl)