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by lalo on 2003-05-04 05:07:35

We run in That Other OS!

After some tweaking (not as much as we expected), Micah and I managed to compile and run pgserver on That Other OS (the one most people use, even when most people know it sucks). There is a screenshot, and the binaries are available in the standard location.
  • The process is documented in the wiki at BuildingWithMinGW
  • We haven't even tried to build cli_c or the apps yet, as the project that made me do this will run with cli_python. It's probably not too hard.
  • You will need a fresh checkout from svn of pgserver and cli_python, to get our fixes.
  • If you prefer to download the binaries, they're in two files. There is pgserver.exe itself (gzipped), which is enough if you have a running cygwin environment and SDL.dll, and there is which is everything you need if you don't want to install cygwin.