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by micah on 2003-10-27 20:45:58

Lack of Interest

I'm sure some of you have guessed by now that the PicoGUI project isn't going anywhere.

In short, lalo has been online very infrequently, and I'm burnt out on GUIs. Nobody else has been interested in PicoGUI development.

I still hope someday to implement the ideas I have for 'pg2'. All the pondering over object models really stalled development. Even though Om would be an important part of pg2, it wasn't the main focus. When I finally do get my interest in GUIs back, I'd like to write a quick but functional proof-of-concept for its rule-based layout system.

I've been keeping myself busy with projects not involving GUIs. I have a job working on satellites, but I'm also still looking for other opportunities.

I've been working on a fairly high tech set-top-box-like system involving a fast PC, OpenGL, Python, some custom USB hardware, and a little kernel hacking.

Good luck to all those working on alternative GUI systems, but it's a field in which people constantly expect innovation they won't accept.


Discussion icon Problem

Posted by: Manip at 2004-03-01

Pico is a nice system but it tries to be too much like X-Windows system. Because you Pico hasn't got enough new stuff to make people want to switch it is simply easier to continue to use Pico. It is not that Pico is technically worse, but to even get into this arena you either have to be doing something very cool or very original.

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