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by lalo on 2003-11-18 20:27:32

PicoGUI 0.46 "Lagbored" released

PicoGUI 0.46, codenamed Lagbored, was just released. This is the first release with the new directory layout and windows support. You can read the release notes straight off sourceforge.

The primary purpose of this release is to reassure people that despite Micah's lack of interest PicoGUI is still moving on, and in fact, towards 1.0 sometime in the near future.

But seriously, we haven't done a release since the repository moved to svn. There are many important bugfixes, a few new drivers, and whatnot that we want to show off. More importantly, the build system in 0.45 is seriously messed up; Smartdata was kind enough to fix it after the directory layout changed. Yesterday, while I was writing the installation instructions to go with this release, I made a fresh build, and surprisingly enough, with zero breakage.

And let's not forget that 0.45 doesn't yet support the most important legacy system - 0.46 does, and now it can even compile on msvc, or so the rumor goes...

After this release, the focus is on deciding what is the minimum set of features we want in 1.0 and don't have yet, then adding them. Specially, whe want quality user-level documentation, so this will likely be the focus for 0.47.

Get it at the usual location