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Screenshot gallery

by micah on 2003-05-29
Curses frontend for PGBuild
Lately I've been working on PGBuild, a generic configuration, download, building, and installation tool that will be used in the current code starting in v0.46, and in the v2.0 architecture when it's ready. It can't actually compile anything yet, but many of the pieces are falling into place- SCons for the actual build process, a flexible XML-based configuration system, package downloading and updating, and support for multiple front-end modules. Shown here is PGBuild with the Curses frontend, running a mirror speed test before starting a package download and configuration merge.
by lalo on 2003-05-04
PicoGUI on that other OS
After some tweaking, we managed to get pgserver running on That Other OS from the Evil Empire. The instructions are on the wiki.
by micah on 2003-04-25
Bitstream Vera in PicoGUI
Bitstream donated their Vera typeface to the Gnome project under a license that permits free distribution and modification. Vera is both smaller and better-looking than the collection of fonts from Ghostscript and OpenOffice that PicoGUI had been using. The font and pgserver modules in CVS are now set up to use Vera by default. This screenshot shows Vera Sans and Vera Sans Mono.
by micah on 2003-04-01
Xview/OpenLook Compatibility
This screenshot showcases PicoGUI's new compatibility layer for running Xview apps with the OpenLook interface. This ensures that PicoGUI users will always have access to the latest OpenLook-enabled desktop applications.
by micah on 2003-03-28
Handinfo hi970
Sanit (hiqpedev at hotmail dot com) sent in these screenshots of the device they're using PicoGUI on. It's running on a desktop using pgserver's "skins" feature to emulate the device.
by micah on 2003-03-25
Emacs in PicoGUI
Here's PicoGUI's pterm, now capable enough to run emacs and edit its own source code.
by micah on 2003-03-23
Small victories in terminal emulation
After more debugging and hacking at PicoGUI's terminal widget, it works well enough that I can use it to read my email.
by micah on 2003-01-19
VNC Server Demo
This is the demo app I'm running over VNC on now. It's using the photonic and crsr_gold_small themes. There are two clients connected, each with their own cursor.
by micah on 2002-11-27

This is jetstream, a game David Trowbridge and I are working on. It includes a UI built with PicoGUI, and extensive Python scripting for the UI and in-game objects. There is a little more info at the project's web site.
by micah on 2002-11-21

This is a new font engine, "ftgl", specifically for use with OpenGL. Like the old font engine that used to be built into sdlgl, this renders TrueType fonts to textures at initialization, then draws polygons for each glyph. Unlike the previous engine however, this uses Freetype2, supports font indexing, and stores the font rendered at multiple sizes for close to optimal rendering at large and small sizes.
by micah on 2002-11-21

Yep, it's possible to do arbitrary OpenGL drawing inside PicoGUI themes when using the 'sdlgl' video driver, as well as doing matrix transformations on standard 2D PicoGUI primitives.
by micah on 2002-11-20

There has been some interest in using PicoGUI as an in-game UI for OpenGL games. Since PicoGUI already has a driver for rendering to OpenGL, it's simply a matter of embedding pgserver into the game. This is a proof-of-concept showing a PicoGUI widget template and a rotating cube all running within one process. The font engine isn't working and the interface needs a lot of polishing, but it is indeed possible. Take a look at the apps/libpgtest directory in CVS for the source to this demo. There's also another screenshot showing the OSD and camera control modes. See also: rotating cube.
by micah on 2002-11-19

This is the newly overhauled UI for Widget Foundry, built using Widget Templates. The use of widget templates made the UI completely customizable, as well as vastly simplifying the app's source code. This theme also shows the work-in-progress "Photonic" theme.
by micah on 2002-11-16

This is a screenshot of Widget Foundry with the Fluidity theme. Widget Foundry is a graphical XML Widget Template editor for picogui, still in its early stages. Now that the tab widget is available, I'll probably be redesigning Widget Foundry's UI to take advantage of it.
by micah on 2002-11-15

PicoGUI now has a nice easy to use and easy to theme 'tabpage' widget