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Screenshot gallery

by micah on 2001-01-15

This is the crazy ncurses/gpm PicoGUI driver I wrote to test and demonstrate the flexibility of its driver architecture. It is designed for the linux console (gpm doesn't work too well in X it seems :) but X is the only way I could get a screenshot. The driver uses a character cell as its fundamental unit instead of a pixel, and hacks the font rendering to use normal console characters.
by micah on 2001-01-03

The terminal barely works, but here it is running Brandon's battleship game among other things. (And isn't the fortune ironic?)
by micah on 2000-11-18

Started work on the terminal widget. Here it is cycling through characters and frustrating me with its bugs :)
In other news, the omnibar now has a working clock and CPU indicator.
by micah on 2000-11-12

This shows "omnibar", a small launcher toolbar. I'm sure it will change a lot before it's in its final form, but this works for now. The theme in use is "nifty3d"; it's currently the most CPU-intensive theme, but it looks so nice in true color!
by micah on 2000-11-11

This is a more traditional 16-color theme for PicoGUI, "pseudo3d".
by micah on 2000-11-05

Popup menus are working nicely now. This one was dynamically generated from a directory listing (/home)
by micah on 2000-11-05

An example of putting arbitrary widgets inside popup menus (and my tribute to User Friendly)
by micah on 2000-11-04

Tada! The panelbars are functional now. The leftmost button closes the application, the middle button rotates it, and the right button zooms it. (sort of places it closest to the edge of the screen and extends its panelbar) Drag the panelbar to resize, and click it to "roll up" the panel.
by micah on 2000-11-03

Starting to add some actual functionality to the panelbars. With both horizontal and vertical text working now, the panelbars show the app name.
by micah on 2000-10-30

Until now, message dialog boxes had to be painstakingly constructed and cared for by the client. Now, the server can create a dialog box (using theme parameters) and the client library has a simple function call to display a message dialog and return the result.
by micah on 2000-10-25

Theme code is merged! Screenshot of the (for now at least) complete Aqua theme running with the little demo Philippe and I put together. As I write this, it has been done for almost a week, but I'm (as always) lazy about the web site. I'll get better, I promise!
by micah on 2000-10-15

The first screenshot of the new theme engine. This is of the Aqua theme when it was partially completed.
by micah on 2000-08-05

This is part of a typing proggie written in Perl, it was both an educational program (for a local elementary school) and a test of PicoGUI's capabilities at the time.
by micah on 2000-06-09

PicoGUI's first text buttons. By this time it supports text and/or bitmaps on a button.
by micah on 2000-06-03

Yay! PicoGUI's first popup box screenshot! PicoGUI supports layers of modal 'popup' widgets, for things like dialog boxes and menus.