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Screenshot gallery

by micah on 2002-09-14

The textbox widget still has plenty of bugs in multiline text editing, but it already provides all the important functionality in the current textbox and field widgets. After some more testing and bugfixes, I'll be merging it into the main branch of CVS. I want to make sure the textbox gets as much time in the main branch as possible for testing before releasing PicoGUI 0.42
by micah on 2002-09-08

This is still mostly debug code, but this shows multiple textbox_paragraph objects combined into a textbox_document that the textbox_frontend uses. The embedded button widget is hardcoded at this point, but it's a test of how the textbox_paragraph object cooperates with picogui's layout engine.
by micah on 2002-09-03

One of the nifty things about my new textbox widget: it can redraw any arbitrary fillstyle background behind the text as it's updated, fully defined by the theme. Here's a spiffy modifier theme for PicoAqua that blends the background with a translucent interlace pattern.
by micah on 2002-08-22

I made a small modification to xchat-picogui, and now it should be usable on the Zaurus. The userlist box has a panelbar now, so you can resize and shade it just like an application's main panel. Here it is on a desktop, simulating a Zaurus.
by micah on 2002-08-14

Another demo app, this one tests doing side-scrolling tile graphics from a PicoGUI client. Since it uses a (relatively) high amount of pixel-pushing power as well as pumping a large number of commands into pgserver, it's a good test for profiling and optimizing pgserver. Besides, it looks cool :)
by micah on 2002-08-13

I finally fixed the touchscreen calibrator after mergeing input filters. Here's the spiffy Zaurus tpcal theme.
by micah on 2002-08-09

w00t! carpman is writing "PicoSM", a session manager and login box for PicoGUI! This is a sneak preview of the login box ;-)
by lalo on 2002-08-01

Lalo started a LCARS theme. There are some glitches, but it's wonderful eye candy already!
by micah on 2002-07-27

Surprise! This is about a 80% finished port of SDL to PicoGUI. When finished, the patch should be available here (and maybe in SDL CVS someday? :)
The applications pictured are prboom running the shareware version of Doom, plaympeg, and another copy of the PicoGUI server running the Agenda VR3 skin.
by micah on 2002-07-26

This screenshot mostly speaks for itself :)
I got inspired to write SHM bitmap support last night, so I did. Currently there isn't as much information about the bitmap format exported to the client as there should be, but that's just because I haven't written the VBL-specific parts yet. This code for the app shown will give you an idea of how easy it is to memory map a PicoGUI bitmap. Actually writing something useful to it is more difficult.. I'll probably port SDL to handle that. Also as you can see, even though there are a few speed improvements still to be made, it already runs quite fast.
by micah on 2002-05-25

For the last couple days I've been rewriting PicoGUI's user input subsystem almost from scratch. Today I got it duplicating most of the functionality available in the old input system, so that it's actually somewhat useful. It has some cool features... the system is based on modular "input filters" so that any pgserver component or client program can intercept, modify, and forward triggers before they reach widgets. So you can have client-side T-9, Kanji, or other input methods. The cool feature pictured here is multiple cursors. The mouse cursor has been abstracted farther, so that it's an object owned by the input driver. Here I have a USB mouse and a serial mouse, each with their own cursor operating independently.
by micah on 2002-05-24

This has been working for several weeks, but bigthor suggested I post a screenshot of it :) He has ported the xmerlin handwriting recognition program to PicoGUI. This screenshot shows it running on a simulated VR3 using pgserver's skins. It could use some more configuration options to fit it to different screen sizes and such, and it doesn't yet do multiple-stroke recognition, but merlin's handwriting recognition is pretty good, and it's definitely cool to have usable HWR on PicoGUI! Thanks to bigthor and the authors of xmerlin!
by micah on 2002-04-21

Here's a tpcal theme for the Tuxscreen. PicoGUI's touchscreen calibrator uses pgserver's theme system for easy customization.
by micah on 2002-04-02

I added floyd-steinberg dithering support to pgserver today. Here it is simulating an 8-bit display with 2-3-3 palette. Bitmaps are dithered at load-time, and don't effect the draw-time performance of the image. Gradients can also be optionally dithered, but this is slower since the dithering must be done as the gradient renders.
by micah on 2002-04-02

Yesterday Brandon Smith released the first playable version of his Connect Four game for PicoGUI.