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Screenshot gallery

by micah on 2002-01-15

Here's a relatively self-explanatory and well commented example of all the fun new panelbar functionality. The panelbar can now be used by itself, and it's a container that the app can add it's own widgets to.
by micah on 2002-01-05

Hiroyuki Yanai recently ported PicoGUI to the MGL2 graphics library running on NetBSD. There's a Japanese page with more info on the MGL2 library here.
by micah on 2002-01-04

Yann has recently been working on a modular board game engine called "gridgame". It still needs a lot of work, but it already has playable implementations of Ataxx and Overflow. This engine will in the future have many games including chess, checkers, battleship, and connect-four. It will allow play against another human on the same computer or via a network, or against an AI opponent.
by micah on 2001-12-16

X-Chat for PicoGUI now has a working nick list, title bar, and topic bar!
by micah on 2001-12-15

This is the textbox-based PicoGUI frontend for X-Chat written by Yann Vernier. The textbox widget is probably the best long-term solution for implementing X-Chat's UI because it support proportional fonts and complex formatting. At the moment though, the terminal widget is much more usable. I took 3 other screenshots of this X-Chat frontend in various configurations, check the screenshot archive.
by micah on 2001-12-15

This is probably the first-ever screenshot of X-Chat with ncurses! This is the terminal-based PicoGUI X-Chat frontend with pgserver utilizing the ncurses video driver.
by micah on 2001-12-15

Another screenshot of X-Chat in PicoGUI. This one shows the still unstable textbox-based frontend while running pgserver with the ncurses driver.
by micah on 2001-12-15

Tada! Yann Vernier wrote a PicoGUI frontend for X-Chat! Currently it only has basic functionality. You can use IRC commands to connect to the server and join a channel, and you can talk on the channel. Yann's original code used the textbox widget. The textbox is still rather experimental, so this screenshot is of a version i modified to use the terminal widget instead. The blue textured background is provided by a terminal theme.
by micah on 2001-12-12

Hehe :)
by micah on 2001-11-16

This is pgtuxphone's UI so far. pgtuxphone is a telephony app for the TuxScreen. It is still in its early stages, and the UI will probably be overhauled again soon, but all the functionality pictured works correctly.
by micah on 2001-11-06

I just released version 1.1 of nifty3d, our eye candy theme. This adds translucent popup menus, and blended drop shadows for dialog boxes.
by micah on 2001-11-01

This is an example of some of PicoGUI's new text handling capability. The Hello World in Japanese demonstrates our new Unicode UTF-8 support, and the Textbox test shows my partially completed HTML code.
by micah on 2001-09-24

Tada! pgserver's layout engine now has word wrapping support. It is not yet available from the client-side, but there is some debug code in the new 'textbox' widget that demonstrates it. This was the largest hurdle to getting support for word processors, web browsers, and other complex text layout tasks.
by micah on 2001-08-13

It looks like a VR3! It works like a VR3! But, nope, it's just a picture. PicoGUI's SDL driver can now load 'skins' that make PicoGUI look as if it's running on a handheld. It even simulates the backlight :)
Soon these skins will also simulate the hardware buttons and silkscreen area available on most handhelds.
by micah on 2001-08-09

This is an example of some early applet support I just hacked in. By setting the PG_WP_PUBLICBOX parameter on a container to 1, then running any application with the '--pgapplet handle' parameter where the handle is of the public container. The result: any application can run in another app's container. This picture shows the field test, image viewer, and vrcalc running in another application's panel widget. This applet support will be used for clock, battery monitor, and other applets in the PicoGUI Launcher.