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Screenshot gallery

by micah on 2001-08-07

PicoGUI now runs on MacOS X! It is definitely not perfect though. The build system requires a little hacking to get PicoGUI to compile. Menuconfig does not work, but the command-line configuration program works fine. PicoGUI also appears to be unable to load bitmaps from themes. SDL for MacOS X still has some bugs. This screenshot was taken with MacOS 10.0.4, Fink 0.2.4, and SDL 1.2 on an iBook. (the new model: "iceBook" or iBook2)
by micah on 2001-08-04

PicoGUI finally has a file picker dialog! It's basic operation is similar to the MacOS file dialog. Clicking the current directory name at the top displays a menu with the directories above this one. This menu also allows you to do simple file management within the dialog. New Directory, Delete, and Rename can be accessed within the dialog.
by micah on 2001-07-30

My current task is adding standard dialog boxes to PicoGUI's client library. This is the new pgDatePicker dialog box. It also looks great at low resolutions, like 160x160 with the lcdmono theme. Nifty!
by micah on 2001-07-23

PicoGUI now has a very flexible virtual keyboard system. Keyboards are loaded from binary files that contain one or more patterns. Patterns contain a picture, drawn with bitmap or vector graphics, and key information. Each key may insert a character and/or jump to a new pattern. Pictured is the us_qwerty_scalable.kb keyboard. It is drawn with vector graphics, scalable to nearly any resolution. It has extra patterns, for caps lock, shift, control, symbols, and a numeric keypad.
by micah on 2001-05-29

This is one of many screenshots Shane Ney posted on his Libgcj-PicoGUI AWT Integration page. This screenshot shows a Java application creating buttons, panels, and labels using the PGBorderLayout class.
by micah on 2001-03-30

PicoGUI has fully functional support for switching resolution and orientation at runtime. Color depth switching is close to completed. This screenshot shows a small video mode appled I just finished, vidpopup. For now this is a standalone example proggie, but this functionality should be incorporated as a plugin to PicoGUI's someday-to-be-written launcher program. (I also added checkbox support to PicoGUI for this program. Code for a new widget is easy, it's the theming that takes a while :)
by micah on 2001-03-27

Brandon reminded me to take a screenshot of this theme I added to CVS, "Pastel Light"
by micah on 2001-03-21

Tada! It is now possible to rotate the entire screen 90 degrees and back at runtime, with the new client function pgSetVideoMode(). This is my uCsimm box, running the aqua theme at 16-grays, rotated into portrait mode.
by micah on 2001-03-20

I fixed the bug preventing themes from loading under uClinux! This is a 'screen shot' of my uCsimm box running PicoGUI with the lcdmono theme.
by micah on 2001-02-11

This has been working for a while, but I just got my camera working today... Here is PicoGUI running on the uCsimm and a 320x200 LCD. The linear4 driver isn't done yet (though it is partially working!) so I'm running the 4bpp LCD with an 8bpp driver, hence the wide pixels. It will also look better once I can get the theme loader to work right in uClinux. The ucSimm box currently has no input devices, but pgremote can control it via the network. Still, it's a start!
by micah on 2001-02-11

The inside of the uCsimm box. The left side is a plastic tray holding the ucSimm behind the LCD, and on the right you can see the ribbon cables and the inverter for its CCFL backlight.
by micah on 2001-02-11

This is a small uCsimm-and-LCD box I put together for developing the uClinux/68EZ328 port of PicoGUI. Thanks to Pascal Bauermeister for the simm!
by micah on 2001-02-11

This is a closeup of the uCgardener board the uCsimm is mounted on. I added a 74HCT244 buffer to drive my 5v LCD, and a Maxim MAX722 to generate the +5 and -25v.
by micah on 2001-01-23

PicoGUI has its first game! This is Blackout, one of those games involving convoluted methods of extinguishing lights. It is fun, and demonstrates how to write an event-driven game using the canvas widget and others.
by micah on 2001-01-20

Yay! This example implements something like that classic "bouncing lines" screensaver to demonstrate animation using the canvas widget. Still has its rough edges, but it's now possible to do animation in PicoGUI!