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Screenshot gallery

by micah on 2002-04-01

As another demonstration of PicoGUI's scalability, here it is ported to the Atari 2600! It's much too slow to be useful for anything, but we got bored and decided to do this instead of writing a PIM.
by micah on 2002-03-31

Another taste of the eye candy side of PicoGUI... this is an experimental popup modifier theme that incorporates blurring, alpha blending, gradients, and a drop shadow.
by micah on 2002-03-14

Tada, PicoGUI on the dreamcast! This dreamcast (named swirly :) compiled pgserver on an NFS mount and ran it without any code changes. All of us were surprised that it doesn't have any major problems with the Dreamcast's SH4 processor, but I suppose the ARM and m68k ports weeded out most of the platform-specific bugs. Here it is running X-chat, battleship, and the canvas demo. Note that the graphics actually display fine, but it's hard to tell since the digital camera is faster than the TV's interlacing. So far only the local keyboard and networked input devices are supported, but maybe we'll have a driver for the controller or even the maracas soon :)
by micah on 2002-03-11

Here's another fun piece of old hardware I got PicoGUI running on. It's a Macintosh LC 520, with 25mHz 68030 CPU, 8MB RAM, and running Debian Linux from a Zip disk. I named it Puchuu, and here it is running X-chat. I haven't written an input driver for the Mac's ADB since i use x2pgui to control it with Yoshi's (my Athlon) mouse and keyboard.
by micah on 2002-03-11

Yet still another nifty piece of hardware that runs with PicoGUI- This has actually been working for quite a while (more than a year) but i realized there aren't any pictures of it in the gallery. This is my wallclock- it's a 40x4 character HD44780-compatible LCD. The chip on the back is a PIC16C84 microcontroller that accepts text over a 9600bps serial link and displays it on the LCD. There's a PicoGUI video driver that interfaces with this serial protocol, so a daemon on my desktop computer runs picogui software on the clock. The left half of the screen in this example is the "lcdclock" app, and the right side is a pterm showing the last thing said in the #picogui IRC channel :)
by micah on 2002-03-05

I'm not sure if this is frightening or just really nifty... a few simple changes to the sdlgl driver and it's now possible to use OpenGL commands along with normal picogui primitives when using the sdlgl driver. This means it's possible to write a spinning cube entirely in PicoGUI's theme language.
by micah on 2002-03-03

PicoGUI runs fine on devices with no pointing device, so I suppose I should add a screenshot of such a situation. Here PicoGUI is running on a skin simulating a fake cellphone-like device, running the 'mobile' theme.
by micah on 2002-03-03

Well, here's another screenshot to drool over. This text was converted from a TrueType font to an OpenGL texture using SDL_ttf at load time, and it's being displayed with antialiasing, mipmapping, and linear filtering.
by micah on 2002-02-27

Yes, i know the textbox is still highest on the "to do" list. But my new Geforce 3 was beckoning me to learn OpenGL. So to preserve my sanity, i started a new PicoGUI driver- sdlgl. It uses SDL for input and portability, and OpenGL for supernifty fast graphics. Right now it still doesn't fully implement the standard PicoGUI primitives, but in the future i hope to provide a way for applications and themes to send 3D data to the driver. This could mean real floating dialog boxes, real-time alpha blending of entire divtrees, transformations... if done properly, it could be more nifty than Quartz :)
by micah on 2002-02-24

Just a few new theme goodies... I separated the drop shadow code into a separate theme, and just for fun here it is running with the Zaurus skin. I've got PicoGUI running pretty nicely on the Zaurus after fixing bugs in the rotate270 wrapper, so maybe soon we'll have PicoGUI in OpenZaurus or at least available in ipkg packages.
by micah on 2002-02-22

Well, this is officially the first screenshot of PicoGUI running on the Sharp Zaurus. The touchscreen doesn't work yet, there's a bug in the video driver that breaks it when i unrotate the screen (the LCD is really 320x240, not 240x320) and all it's running is pterm... but this is without changing a line of code from CVS. (Sorry for the slightly blurry screenshot, i don't have a flatbed scanner)
by micah on 2002-02-19

This screenshot doesn't show off any big new functionality, but we don't have any good general-purpose PicoGUI screenshots yet. This one shows off a few new things still: PTerm's font button, PTerm's scrollback support, the new and improved Battleship, and the general alpha blended gradient goodness of the nifty3d theme.
by micah on 2002-02-10

Yes, Waba works on PicoGUI thanks to Olivier Bornet's port. This has worked for a while, but I just added a quick how-to on the Wiki so i thought i'd link to it in the form of a screenshot.
by micah on 2002-02-03

This is so nifty i had to post it: alpha blended cursors!
by micah on 2002-01-30

PicoGUI now has support for real alpha blending! Don't everyone start to use alpha channels on their bitmapped buttons for the Helio, because it's slower and uses more memory than AND/OR masks under most circumstances. We have a new pgcolor flag to indicate the ARGB format, the png and gif loaders support this color format, and we have a new LGOP mode that handles the alpha blending itself. Share and Enjoy :)