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Screenshot gallery

by micah on 2000-05-05

I'm having a little too much fun with the scrollbars and indicators...
by micah on 2000-04-28

On the road to more interesting themes: finally got the kinks out of my gradient algorithm
by micah on 2000-04-24

More bitmapped buttons, but most importantly the very beginnings of event handling
by micah on 2000-04-22

The old demo on my more normal 320x240 SDL screen
by micah on 2000-04-22

The very old demo proggie, squeezed into the Kiwi-sized 240x64 screen.
by micah on 2000-04-22

A big font on a small screen...
by micah on 2000-04-22

Old screenshot I took just after getting color bitmapped buttons working, IIRC.
by micah on 2000-03-27

Before PicoGUI was PicoGUI, it was "guwi", the GUI I was designing for the Kiwi Project. I still intend to use PicoGUI for Kiwi, but it turned into something unique and capable enough that I thought it deserved its own identity. :)
PicoGUI (well, "guwi") was officially started on March 17, 2000. It's early history can be found in the Kiwi attic. The example above is the last screenshot taken while it was still "guwi".