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This class encapsulates a ../PicoGUI widget. It allows you to write object-oriented code.


You can instantiate a widget by the normal means. The constructor accepts two arguments, server (a Server object) and handle (the ../PicoGUI handle for the widget in the server).

However, this isn't the recommended way of creating widgets. Instead, you can call the addWidget() method of an existing widget object, giving only the widget type string as argument; this method will create the new widget and attach it to the parent. Check HelloWorldRecipe for an example.

(Of course, that creates a chicken-and-egg problem, as you need a widget to create a widget; but for that purpose, the Application object is also a widget and has an addWidget() method.)

Optionally, you can give an additional argument to addWidget(), to be given to attachwidget. This can be "after", "inside", and "before". It defaults to "after", but this default is stored in the editable default_relationship attribute. The Application class sets this to "inside", as you can't attach widgets "after" an application.

Low-level hacking

The world is not a perfect place, and you may one day need to do low-level stuff to your widget. To do that, you can get the Server object and the widget's handle from the server and handle attributes. Please, treat this attributes as read-only or things will break.

Property handling

Finally, if you try to get or set an attribute with the same name as a property constant (seel the Server documentation), case-insensitive, the widget object will get or set the corresponding widget property on the server. WishList: results from getting properties are untranslated and aren't always valid input for setting the same property again. This should be fixed, but requires some intelligence in property handling that wasn't yet written (or designed). See PropertiesModule?.


See CodingRecipes - all of them use Widget objects.