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This is a report on what the developers are doing in the short term. If you consider yourself a developer, feel free to add your own section to this page.


lead developer

  • Write a paper detailing the problems with pg1 and goals for pg2
    • I've started a draft of this, and will work on it concurrently with the items below
  • NewBuildSystem
    • The code for this is in Subversion now, and under development
    • Look into using qmtest, check, or some other multilingual system to unit test pgbuild and eventually the rest of picogui. Integration into pgbuild for automatic package testing and self-tests would be good.
  • Release 0.46


cli_python lead, python guru, pgserver hacker-in-training

  • writing Nifty, a python-based editor
  • finding bugs, fixing them when possible ;-)
  • doing something about cli_python's poll loop (it currently gets duplicate events)

Ideas not scheduled yet:

  • make the image property (formerly known as bitmap) able to point to either a fillstyle or a bitmap
  • make the app managers use the image property of the managedwindow (application) widget as an icon
  • add new gropnodes for scaled bitmap blits (smartdata requested this, plus it would be useful in imgview and pgbg)