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This is a list of other web sites or projects related to PicoGUI. It is a Wiki page, so feel free to add to it.

Projects using PicoGUI

Exadigm is developing a wireless credit card terminal using PicoGUI
A Linux distro for the Agenda VR3 featuring Python and PicoGUI
A game and engine Micah Dowty and David Trowbridge are working on, using PicoGUI for in-game menu, debugging console, and heads-up display.
A linux distro for Palm handhelds, using PicoGUI. (In Spanish)
A data collection device that ships with either WinCE? or Linux+PicoGUI
A Linux distro and build system for the Sharp Zaurus and other systems, includes PicoGUI packages
A Linux distro for the VTech? Helio using PicoGUI (hasn't been updated in a while)
A Linux distro for the Agenda VR3 using PicoGUI (hasn't been updated in a while)
A Linux distro for the Psion Revo, including PicoGUI
Smartdata's PDA and set-top-box projects are using PicoGUI
SSV Embedded Systems
SSV offers PicoGUI support for some of their single board computer products
Tader's Psion 5mx Linux Pages
Information about running PicoGUI and Linux on the Psion 5mx
Valourtech vtLinux
A commercial linux distro using PicoGUI

Existing apps with PicoGUI support

The Simple Directmedia Library has a video output driver for PicoGUI

Related projects or pages

A language with a capability-based architecture, serving as inspiration for PicoGUI 2.0's networking and security subsystems.
Helio Start Page
Many useful links related to the VTech? Helio PDA, on which PicoGUI can run
James Hollingshead's PicoGUI apps
A small collection of applications for PicoGUI
The object model that the PicoGUI 2.0 architecture will probably use

Other GUI systems

A GUI system with similar goals and architecture to PicoGUI
A popular widget kit to use above a graphics layer like XFree86?, used by The Gimp, GNOME, and many other projects
A small window server designed for embedded systems. It has two APIs?, stripped down versions of the Win32 and X interfaces
A C++ widget toolkit used by KDE. There is also an embedded version used in Qtopia, a popular GUI environment for Linux PDAs?.
The most popular window server on free UNIX-like systems, an implementation of the X Window System