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Executing PicoGUI

(I'm just going to start adding comments as there arn't any here yet - Paul Schulz) When 0.45 compiled on a PowerMachintosh? 7300/180, without X11, the following command produces a white screen image.

pgserver# ./pgserver -v sdlfb -m 640x480x24

Compiling up apps and running then from the apps directory will disply various widgits. Still with a black and white theme. Need to figure out how to use themes.. no obvious help anywhere.

By default, libraries are installed in /usr/local/lib. Under Debian, this path needed to be added to /etc/ and ldconfig rerun to update the cache.

Go into the apps directory, and run and then configure. When I then ran make, I didn't get very far but it was possible to go into individual applications and run make there to produce something that would work

The following produces a cute menu test.

> ./menutest

Also see bouncyball


To use a theme, first you need to compile it (see compilation process and readme files). After theme compilation you will have .th theme file(s). Put this file(s) into some directory for example /opt/pg/themes/. Then you need to configure the pgserver, to look into this directory and load theme. Create, or edit (if it already exists) file /etc/pgserver.conf, under [pgserver]? add or change next settings:


# directory where all the themes located

themedir = /opt/pg/themes/

# name of the theme to load

themes =

Run picogui application, and it should be show, using selected theme. If you pgserver exists with error related to the theme file: check the directories and be sure that you are not using themec (theme compile tool) under Arm based system. themec, compiled for Arm working wrong (at lease in v 0.46).